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Bank Mobile Wallet

Hardware-software complex to make easy peer-to-peer transfers and manage accounts, e-wallets, payment and loyalty cards in single application.

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For customers

- mobile platform, turning a smartphone into a powerful payment and loyalty tool
- online Р2Р transactions
- one-click payments
- simple and secure authorization

For Bank

- affordable tool for day-to-day banking operations, which is an essential competitive advantage to attract the most economically active and technologically advanced clients, making the most profitable market segment
- saving costs on performing payment and transfer transaction in the Bank’s branches

Bank mWallet functionality

We can offer you ready industry-oriented solutions or develop the use cases and models tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

  • Simple identification and authorization

    - using QR codes and one-time passwords (OTP) to log in.

  • Payment tools management

    - Balances on bank accounts (current, deposit, credit, card) and e-wallets,
    - money transfers between different payment tools,
    - accounts, cards, e-wallets refill,
    - connection of other banks’ payment cards,
    - creating and using templates,
    - issue of digital payment card inside the smartphone (Host Card Emulation technology) with the possibility of contactless payments via NFC (in line with the specifications of Visa & MasterCard).

  • Services

    - transport card,
    - mobile ticketing,
    - buying fuel at the gas station with mobile phone,
    - geolocation,
    - mobile account balance.

  • Money Transfers

    - card-to-card transfers (Visa & MasterCard),
    - transfers wallet-to-wallet.

  • Payments

    - mobile accounts refill, utility payments, payments to service providers,
    - third party payments,
    - online and offline payments through NFC and using QR codes,
    - transaction analytics.

  • Loyalty

    - loyalty cards inside the smartphone,
    - bank loyalty program,
    - retailers loyalty programs.

  • Information

    - currency exchange rates,
    - information,
    - help and customer support.

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