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Convenient & secure digital values management and secure NFC-transactions made easy with your mobile device.

mWallet platform:

- made to replace plastic cards with their digital analogues
- based on the HSE (Host Card Emulation) technology (supported by Android OS)
- in line with the EMVCo tokenization specifications

Personalized all-in-one solutions:

- mWallet - safe digital cards transactions. Online and contactless payments
- mBanking - online access to bank accounts



- to quickly design and deploy any Android and iOS based applications
- supports online and proximity transactions
- any International Payment System (Visa International, Master Card, American Express, Dinners Club)
- any cards (loyalty cards, coupons, tickets, ID..)
- no plastic card required to issue a digital one


- aligned with Visa & MasterCard specifications for cloud-based payments and EMVCo specification for tokenization
- approved by Visa and MasterCard
- supports security levels requested by card issuer

Independence and Interoperability

- Mobile Network Operator, vendor and Trusted Service Manager are not involved in service providing
- enables banks to extend the reach of their digital card products beyond their own apps
- an option to have an open mWallet as a standalone app to other banks to drive continued use

Solutions for mWallet

1) Enlarge your bank app and make it bank’s private label mWallet including:
- bank cards
- prepaid cards

2) Extending digital card usage when providing them to other mWallets

3) Turn your retail app into retail’s private label wallet with:
- loyalty cards
- coupons
- prepaid cards

include value-added services such as:
ticketing, identification, etc.

add mCommerce to enrich your customers experience and increase revenue streams