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mWallet-QR is an app for fast and effortless authentication and payment.

Smart TV and HD players

Tired of entering passwords on the remote control? Scan the QR Code with our app and you are authorized!

Mobile Devices

Login or sign up to your mobile apps in two clicks, no passwords required

Web sites

Now nobody can steal or spy your passwords! Login from any computer quickly and safely

Games and apps

Your paid accounts are protected from cyber-attacks! Enjoy the game

Offline identification

Share your data easily, quickly and anywhere

Enjoy special offers

Scan QR coupon codes from products and benefit from producers’ and merchants’ offers and promotions

Pay for purchases

You can pay for goods and services both online and offline

Save money with us

Using our app, you can get discounts for making payments


No passwords

One-time passwords (OTP)


Your data is safe

Easy login

Scanned QR-code and entered

Data transfer

Choose any web passport

All in one

All the profiles in one device

What? Where? When?

Login history and account activity

Enjoy promotions

Enter reward codes and win

Instant Payments

Pay with your smartphone

Get discounts

Save on purchases

Stay informed

News from the visited websites